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From Miami to San Jose $140 RT about 2hrs 45 min but then a 41/2 hour drive out of San Jose to Liberia in terrible traffic on a two lane highway, so bad, it makes great saints use profanity! Then 30 minutes to Matapalo. Is it worth it? Well, you save $300 that’s all I can say. San Jose is a big dirty traffic congested headache. I think it’s worth $300 to avoid that. We just got a round trip ticket basically direct with United for $500. June 9th 2021 Direct to San Jose. But the drive was awful after flying all day. 5 hours.

Now I’ll take a direct flight from Los Angelas to Liberia… and get a flight from Denver to LA.

Why Costa Rica? Why Matapalo Beach? As my daughter says, "Listen and Learn."

1. Conveniently located 32 miles from Liberia International Airport. The Best Route!

2. 15 mins from the world famous Tamarindo Beach. Shopping, Surfing, Good Food & Drink! Great night life and friendly travelers from around the world. Very Continental. Matapalo beach, is known for it’s great surfing! Centrally located on the West Pacific side. Costa Rica is small. You can get anywhere in a day or so.

3. Uncrowded, with all the beautiful beaches, sunsets and nature you could possibly desire.

4. If you like quiet / uncrowded beaches, country living at it’s best but near nightlife, restaurants, shopping, schools, modern hospitals (Costa Rica is know for it’s great health care system),surfing, hiking, horse back riding, etc. Then check this out. Yes, it’s paradise. See below for a quick tour.

"With a total of 1228km of coastline to offer, it is no wonder Costa Rica is known for its countless beach destinations. It is also no surprise that travellers have a hard time deciding on which beach town to visit, since there are so many different options to consider. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on Costa Rica’s northern pacific beaches.popularTamarindo Beach.”

Matapalo Beach

Matapalo Beach

The layed back beach of Matapalo. Quiet and serene. 15 minutes North of the popular beach town of Tamarindo. It’s like Santa Cruz in the 60’s.

Tamarindo is more developed but still layed back compared to the states. "Pura Vida” is the country’s motto.“The Pure Life” and it's abundant here with surfing, shopping, greatrestaurantsand yoga schools all around. If you are looking for fun night life with excellent dining on the beach, you can find it in Tamarindo. Just a short 15 minute drive from Matapalo. Then head home to your serene quiet paradise.

Tamarindo night life! Fun, Friendly, Food & Drink!


Just a bit north of Matapalo is Playas del Coco… Beautiful and a bigger town. Lots of fun!

Great restaurants and club life like the Hard Rock Cafe!

Well, that’s a quick tour and if you like the beach life this is a great place to be. Soon, I’ll be adding other quick tours of this incredible country that we have fallen in love with. From the beach sanctuaries to the semi active volcanoes, jungles and national parks, there is a lot to discover in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida from all of us here at Sun & Soul.


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