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11 Reasons to Choose Costa Rica

1.  Easy to get to. From Miami $160 RT to San Jose.

     From Denver $350 41/2 hours. Same Time Zone.

2.  Very low cost of living.  It’s 1/2 or less of what it costs in Boulder Colorado. 

3.  Excellent Top Notch Health Care.

4.  British School System. Along with private schools like Montessori.

5. Temperatures year round 80 - 90 degrees F.

6.  30% of the locals are English speaking and they like visitors and expats.

7.  NO HURRICANES! It’s out of the hurricane zone.

8.  Modern internet service. Work from home or at the beach!

9. Foreigners can own the property forever. Low property taxes .25 percent.

10.  An incredible Eco System very cared for by the people and the administration.

11. It’s beautiful, It’s healthy, Come visit…stay a lifetime! 

PURA VIDA… the Pure Life!

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